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New Jack Shoot Interview Vol. 3 

Taped July 12, 2004 Philadelphia, PA

It’s time for another Shoot Interview and this one promises to be insane considering it is with New Jack, probably one of the most outspoken guys in the wrestling business. But first it started off with a match between New Jack and LowLife Louie Ramos from USA Pro back in June. As you can imagine it was a total hardcore brawl with Ice Cube and Dr. Dre’s “Natural Born Killaz” playing in the background. As a person who has been to a live show with New Jack on the card, I can attest to how wild it is with that song being played loud and throughout an entire hardcore match. At one point Jack actually staples a flyer to LowLife’s head. I’ve only read about the stapling stuff in the Torch before and couldn’t believe me eyes when I actually saw it happen to someone. That’s F---ing NUTS! New Jack got the pin with a chair shot off the top rope.

On to the shoot!

Jack started off the shoot by saying he had some things to get off his chest along with telling us he was “the first mutha f---er to ever do a shoot interview for RF Video.” Jack immediately began to tear into Paul Heyman a.k.a. “Mr. have I ever lied to you?” Jack told a story about how he sat in jail cell waiting for Heyman to bail him out and “three days became nine weeks.” When New Jack got out of jail he immediately came back and shot a promo that tore Heyman to shreds and turned himself babyface. Jack brought up the infamous show in Florida that Sandman stripped naked in the ring and was sent home with pay to show an example of how there were double standards in ECW. Jack said that Heyman lied to the entire company when he told them he was going to California to get a TV deal, but in fact was going to film his role in RollerBall. As a sidenote, I actually tried watching RollerBall once but it is one of the three movies ever made I absolutely can NOT sit through. The other two movies are BattleField: Earth and Pride & Predjudice. Don’t know what Heyman was thinking when he read that script. I mean c’mon, Chris F---ing Klein?! Anyhoo, Jack didn’t feel he would ever be in the WWE because if ran into Heyman he would “smack the shit out of him.” Yeah, I imagine WWE’s H.R. department would have a problem with that.

New Jack also hates the former owner of ECW Tod Gordon and said that he and Heyman would play Good Cop/Bad Cop with the wrestlers. Jack said if you played the game you got over in the company although I hate to break this to Jack, that’s pretty much how it is everywhere. Jack said that originally Heyman wouldn’t put New Jack on the ECW show on TNN until he wanted to take the show off the network. Jack said that Heyman then aired New Jack matches and when they were kicked off of TNN he blamed New Jack. And since Heyman declared bankruptcy New Jack can’t get any money that he is owned claiming that the WWE protects Heyman by only paying him $52,000 a year. Apparently you can put liens against people making even a penny above 52K. I didn’t know that. Later New Jack would go on to say he blames Heyman for the deaths of Louie Spicolli and Bobby Duncam’s death because of the atmosphere in ECW. That’s pretty absurd if you ask me. Jack says Heyman is “the Devil’s son” and hopes he suffers before he dies. Well, Heyman was part of the InVasion storyline, so I think he has done his share of suffering.

”D-Von is a white man dressed as a n***er.”

New Jack said that Bubba Ray Dudley tells D-Von what to do and says there if proof that they both suck because without each other they couldn’t draw a dime. Well, he’s got a point there. Jack said they went to the WWE and stole his ring entrance and gear to get over. New Jack said he hopes their kids are born defective and their moms die of cancer. Now that’s not very nice.

Jack then allowed himself to be interviewed and the first subject brought up was XPW. Jack talked about the infamous spot at ECW Living Dangerously in which he and Vic Grimes did a scary looking spot off of a scaffold in which Jack cracked his skull along with breaking his arm and ankle. Jack doesn’t hold animosity towards Grimes and in their last match threw him off a 40 foot scaffold at the XPW FreeFall show. I’d hate to see what New Jack does when he carries a grudge. Jack also added that Grimes was now 400 pounds and “just another paycheck.”

”XPW is the backyard of backyards.”

New Jack unleashed on XPW owner Rob Black by saying the “shoot” parking lot brawl between ECW and XPW at the HeatWave PPV in Los Angeles was completely orchestrated by Black and Paul Heyman. Jesus, next thing I’ll find out that Shawn Michaels wasn’t jumped by nine marines in New York. Jack called Rob Black a mark and said when he found out Messiah was “f---ing his bitch” (Lizzie Borden), he sent guys to cut Messiah’s thumb of. Mental Note: Do not f--- Lizzie Borden. Because of this Messiah left California and Jack hopes Black goes to jail and gets f---ed up the ass. New Jack said he left XPW at the time because they wanted him exclusively while he wanted to remain independent and after he left they completely buried him on TV. Welcome to wrestling Jack~! Jack claims he is still owed money and is pissed about it, so much that he won’t return a camera he borrowed from them to shoot promos. Jack threatened to pawn the camera. You can probably get $250 for something like that with a Hatori Honzo sword down in El Paso.

"That ho. That stinkin’, nasty, f---ing…this BITCH goes on record and says ‘New Jack snorts coke.’ "

It’s obvious that there is no love lost between New Jack and 3PW owner Jasmin St. Claire. Jack did a great pantomime by acting out “on one hand you have snortin’ coke and on the other hand you have getting f---ed by 360 something guys in one day. Not stopping there, New Jack said “Bitch, I heard you had to ice down your pussy for two days after getting f---ed by almost 400 guys.” Jack then detailed why he hates St. Claire so much by saying he was once booked for a 3PW show but had major problems at the airport in Atlanta. When Jack realized he wasn’t going to make the show in Philadelphia, he called up Jasmin but he says she went on “the internet” and wrote Jack double booked that day. Jack then brought up Jasmin’s boyfriend The Blue Meanie and basically called him Jasmin’s bitch. Well, at least he was her boyfriend, I’m not sure what their current status is. Jack said, “Do I have heat with Jasmin? F--- that nasty ho. The Blue Meanie? I hope he dies of AIDS in the next 6 months. I hope his kids are born with cancer. I hope your momma gets hit by a f---ing bus.”


Jack explained that he got into TNA by being tight with TNA president Bill Behrens. Jack said that all the ECW guys that the Jarrett’s brought in got big intros and angles but he got shit. You can tell he’s still pissed that Justin Credible, Sandman and Mike Awesome were pushed as “superheroes” but Jack wasn’t. I used to watch a lot of TNA and I certainly don’t remember Justin Credible being pushed to the moon. TNA tried to get New Jack to tone down his promos even though everyone else cursed. As punishment, TNA put New Jack with Shark Boy and even wanted him to wear a mask. At that point Jack drew a line. Can you imagine a New Jack mask? That would be hilarious! Jack said he didn’t mind the stuff with Shark Boy because he did all of his skits either drunk, stoned, or both. New Jack, the Jason Mewes of wrestling.

New Jack said there was no difference between TNA and the Memphis wrestling in the 80’s except there was no Jerry Lawler or Brian Christopher. Jack said that Jeff Jarrett had to open his own company because he had burned all his bridges elsewhere and says the only reason he was in the WWE and WCW was because his dad got him in. Jack tells Jeff point blank, “You are not over. You have never been over” along with adding that Jarrett’s guitar swinging was directly stolen from the Honky Tonk Man and New Jack. New Jack said the buyrate of TNA’s PPVs “is sub-zero” and that’s actually not too far off from the correct number. Shockingly, Jack says he wouldn’t go back to TNA if given the chance.

"You’re the kid with the football. If you can’t play you take your ball home."

The above quote is Jack’s thoughts on CZW promoter John Zandig. Jack also said that the only reason people watch CZW is because there is no alternative. Jack said the fan’s think “I either do without, or I do with this shit.” Jack said that he still owes Zandig a receipt for taking advantage of Jack in a match. Apparently Zandig actually stapled something to New Jack in a match. Jesus, if I staple anything to New Jack it would be my Last Will and Testament. Jack then takes one more shot at the Dudley Boyz regarding the closing line on their song on the WWE Originals CD “You try to walk like me. You try to talk like me. You try to f--- the same ho’s I f--- and you still can’t do it right.” Word.

I hope he rots in mother f---ing hell that fat bastard."

Jack then went into detail on probably the most famous night of his career. The night in which he bladed Mass Transit on an ECW House Show in Revere, MA. For those that don’t know the story, here’s a brief recap. Newly crowned ECW Tag Team Champions New Jack and Mustafa were scheduled to wrestle D-Von Dudley and Axl Rotten but Rotten no-showed the event. Mass Transit (real name Eric Kulas) was backstage and offered to be a replacement. What Kulas didn’t tell ECW was that he was underage and had very little training. Jack said before the match Kulas came up to him and explained it was his hometown and he wanted to get a couple spots in even though he knew he was jobbing to New Jack. For some god knows reason this REALLY pissed New Jack off and he went to Paul Heyman saying that the match would “go down in history.” Something tells me that’s 20/20 hindsight talking. Jack said he would cut the kid’s head off to show color. Nine months after the match New Jack said he got indicted for 7 charges related to the incident but got acquitted. Jack said the kid lied in court and the family even claimed the incident caused Mass Transit to gain weight even though Kulas was morbidly obese before the match. Mass Transit ended up committing suicide in 2001 which brought upon Jack’s quote above.


New Jack said he was approached by Paul Heyman about coming into the WWE but knew he would get screwed. Jack said instead the WWE tried making Tommy Dreamer hardcore but you “can’t make a pimp a ho. No one would believe it.” I need to remember that line. Jack also called Teddy Long the 2004 version of himself and that Teddy “plays the game” just like Abdullah the Butcher. This is New Jack’s way of calling them House N***ers I think. Jack then tore into Abby saying that the grooves in Abdullah’s forehead were put there via surgery. If that’s true than that’s some f---ed up shit. Jack said that Abdullah would help Jack get dates in Japan for “35%” Jack responded with, “of what?!” Who would have thought Abdullah the Butcher was wrestling’s version of Lou Pearlman?

New Jack said he will retire from wrestling in December of this year. Write that one down. Jack said he wants to get out before he ends up like just about everyone in wrestling and added, “I’ll quit this business before it quits me.” This went straight to a story about New Jack being in some sort of Backyard Wrestling video game while Jack showed how f---ed up one of his hands is from knocking out a promoter involved in that project. New Jack is most upset that he can’t fully give people the bird now. Somewhere in heaven, an angel cries.

Beyond the Mat

New Jack said he didn’t get all that much out of his appearance in the ground breaking wrestling documentary except for a couple appearances on Maury Povich in those “Scared Straight Teens” episodes and some B-movies. Jack said the new version of Beyond the Mat apparently includes something about his leg getting shot but he claims to have never watched the movie himself. This is where I would put the rolling eyes smiley if I used those stupid things.

What does New Jack miss most about ECW? He misses the ring rats that would make their rounds at the Holiday Inn. Jack also has no regrets about what he has done in his career despite having to wear ankle and knee braces every day along with one eye completely f---ed up. “Ain’t gonna get no better” said Jack. Dare to dream kids! New Jack feels that the biggest misconception about him is that people think he’s “an asshole.” New Jack says the opposite is true and that he has helped guys get into the business. Jack says the fans should buy a ticket, buy the merchandise, buy the DVD and “shut the f--- up.”

”The opinions expressed in this shoot interview may not be the same views and opinions of the RF Video staff.”

Jack has a lot to say about Missy Hyatt who he says is a “retarded, big tit-ied, duck bill’d lip bitch.” OH MY! Jack just went completely off on Hyatt and that “opinions expressed” blurb kept popping back up on the screen. I was laughing my ass of. Jack closed by saying he would like to tie Missy up and run her over with a lawn mower. You know what I just though of, besides the “opinions expressed” stuff there was another thing that would pop up occasionally throughout the shoot that had me rolling. There would be times when Jack was about to say something REALLY nasty and the tape would jump-cut a couple seconds. It reminded me of one of the funniest skits I ever saw on MAD TV, one in which they showed a 60 Minutes parody with Andy Rooney getting censored every couple seconds for defaming some minority group. And considering what was left ON this shoot, I can only imagine what Jack said that was bad enough they felt the need to edit it.

New Jack began to tell a story about a match he had with some guy named Gypsy Joe who was “like 112” years old and claims to have invented hardcore wrestling. Jack told the guy he was “over” when gas was 10 cents a gallon. I remember the days when John Cena was over and gas was only a buck fifty. Ah, those were the days. During the match Gypsy Joe no sold Jack’s offense which caused Jack to go ape shit with an aluminum bat wrapped in barbed wire. New Jack said this match would be on the tape, but after the shoot is over the video says that there was “technical difficulties.” DAMN!

For some reason New Jack then introduced Kwame, some sort of friend of his who is a boxer. WTF? Jack finished the shoot by talking about a rib he pulled on Jason Knight in which he glued the phone receiver to the phone, glued Knight’s shoes to the ceiling and toothbrush to the sink. Jack said Knight would never share a room with him again.

Bonus Matches: New Jack vs. Balls Mahoney in a Weapons match and New Jack vs. DeVito.

Overall Thoughts: Just an overall AMAZING shoot interview. New Jack is hilarious and never holds back for a second. This review is just a taste of the subjects Jack gets into as he even brings up Rob Feinstein’s past affiliation with Ring of Honor. It also looks like someone got a new camera because both the video and audio of this release are top of the line when it comes to interviews I have seen. The images are sharp and the audio crisp. Highly recommended. Click Here to purchase this tape or head on over to and check out all the other videos they have to offer

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